best-dog-traineThe single most important thing to consider is their experience, and the second is attitude.

That first conversation should give you confidence and establish some sort of rapport. Ask your self this question. Does this person actually care and take a genuine interest in your particular problems?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions….how long have you been training dogs? Do you love what you do? What sort of dog do you have etc. What is your success rate? Get to know them….you are entrusting them with your dog’s welfare and you want to make sure they are kind, knowledgeable and empathetic…

Are they happy to answer your questions? Are they listening? Have you read their reviews?

Establish what sort of trainer you want – a military style dog trainer does not suit most people nor is it a pleasant experience for either of you. You do not have to mean to lead!

Ask if they use anything physical like alpha rolling or squeezing paws, or prong or electric shock collars, or jowling etc. (Click here to read our communications page)

Most people think you need treat training (our natural dog training approach) to train which is not the way most people really want to go….is this what you really want? Do you want to communicate in an effective way without using bribery?

Dog training should be a pleasant, fun and fulfilling experience.

Your dog should love it and you should feel comfortable at all times. Choosing the BEST DOG TRAINER is just as important as the actual training itself.

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