Does your dog get anxious when you’re not around? Bark Busters Sunshine Coast can help with separation anxiety!

This can be a particularly distressing problem for the dog owner as well as the dog. We are often contacted by people who’ve become prisoners in their own home. Some dare not leave the house, even to go to the store, and as for going out and having a ‘social life’… they can forget that! They fear the dog will bark and annoy the neighbours, or destroy the house before they return, not to mention the puddles that need mopping-up. This problem isn’t confined to a particular breed, age or gender of dog, although it is common in rescue dogs and dogs of a certain personality.

There are many reasons for separation anxiety, and only a thorough investigation of the dog’s background in it’s home environment will pinpoint the exact cause. Some dogs are never taught that it’s okay to separate from their owners. They learn from an early age that it’s okay to follow you everywhere in the house, even to the bathroom, and some will even insist on accompanying you in the shower. With our unique Bark Busters dog Sunshine Coast behaviour modification system, I will identify the underlying causes for the separation anxiety, and put an action plan and appropriate therapy in place to correct and cure your dog’s separation anxiety.

Here is what Annette has to say about how Bark Busters Sunshine Coast helped with separation anxiety.

Penny’s progress is excellent in most areas. Her overall temperament is much improved. I was watching her moving around in the evenings, casually strolling around the yard etc, no more anxious following or watching us. She is beginning to behave how she used to back before all the family drama and disruption. Walking on the lead is great, I have to actually look down to check I still have a dog attached! The big issue, separation, went well on Saturday. We went to the movies and on Sunday lunch and shopping, with no concerns! We left a phone on loud speaker to listen in and she didn’t make a single yap. Very, very pleased.” Annette, Heitor and Penny