Does your dog dig, chew and cause destruction? Bark Busters Sunshine Coast can help turn your destructive dynamo into a calmer, more relaxed dog.

This can be a very costly as well as very annoying habit, not to mention bad for your dog if it chews and swallows something which later causes an obstruction requiring a trip to the vet. How frustrating must it be to arrive home and find that your dog has decided to perfect its DIY skills by stripping the wallpaper and removing large chunks of plaster from the wall? Or to discover that your dog fancies being an electrician and has systematically chewed through all the internet, phone and speaker cables in the house … it’s a wonder they didn’t give themselves a nasty shock! At Bark Busters Sunshine Coast our dog obedience training covers how to stop dog chewing and dog digging.

Dogs have a natural desire to chew, so it’s important to try and satisfy this need. The abundance of available ‘chew toys’ have their place, but often they are not enough on their own. Some chewing is caused by frustration, so it’s important not to overlook that we’re dealing with a case of separation anxiety, or some other deeper cause. As with other behavioural issues, I aim to find the reason the dog is chewing rather than just treating the symptoms.

Read what Lexie has to say about Bark Buster Sunshine Coast’s ability to stop destructive behaviours:
“We would both like to thank you so much for the assistance you have given us with our dogs. Your home visit and help has saved us as our high energy dogs were out of control with their barking and competition for pack leader. We are amazed at the change in such at short time by following your directions. Our life is now peaceful and the glass sliding door is not being pushed off its track any more, in the rush to see who gets out the door first. Really appreciate your help and your advice. We were having a lot of problems with the 2 male dogs marking their spot inside but this too has stopped. Your visit and help has changed our life, we are both in our 70’s and didn’t think we’d be able to keep the dogs, but all is good now, thanks so much Faith really appreciate what you have done to help.”

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